An apostille is an internationally recognized form of authentication. The sole function of the apostille is to identity any stamp or seal affixed to an official document; certify the authenticity of the signature on the document, and the capacity in which the person signing the document acted.

Turn Around Time: 13-16 day turnaround. All documents must be originals.

Our Staff frequently apostilles the following documents:

  • Academic Transcripts
  • Adoption Documents
  • Baptism and Confirmation Certificates
  • Bills of Sale
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Certificates of Incorporation
  • Certificates of Good Standing, Certified Copies
  • Court Judgments
  • Deeds and Titles
  • Diplomas
  • Identity Documents
  • Letters of Invitation
  • Naturalization Documents
  • Passports
  • Power of Attorney
  • Trademarks and Patents
  • Vital Records including Birth
  • Divorce and Marriage Certificates
  • Paternity Certificates
  • Death Certificates
  • Wills
  • And More!